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Unlock kayaks on arrival (the day before your rental, you will receive a code to the lock).

Pick up your buoyancy aid, paddle and spraydeck in the box under the kayak stand.


Place the kayak on the low stand for a first adjustment of the foot pedal and for packing the luggage box. Then put on the spray deck (it should be up under the chest) and buoyancy aid.

Lock the remaining kayaks again, put the kayak in the water and be mindful that the water must be at least 30 centimetres deep before you enter the kayak.

As you enter the kayak when it is in the water, we recommend sailing in shorts and sandals or beach shoes.

If necessary, make one last adjustment of the foot pedal (you must sit with slightly bent knees), pull the spraydeck tightly over the cockpit, turn the rudder down and have a great trip.




All kayaks must be emptied of water and wiped before being put back in the rack.

Equipment must be returned in the box and the kayaks locked again.

Please contact Jan on +45 30102754 if you have any questions.

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