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Sailing takes place at your own risk.

For your own safety, please observe the following if you do not have a sea kayak course equivalent to IPP2:

The sailing water includes Kolding Å and the south side of Kolding Fjord from Marina Syd to Løger Odde. It is not allowed to cross the fairway and be mindful of the boat traffic when paddling in the marina.

Do not walk alone on the fjord, stay close to the coast and always within the dark blue area (see map).

Buoyancy aid must ALWAYS be worn, and all participants must possess normal swimming skills and be able to swim at least 300 m in the open sea.

If you are using a spraydeck, it is recommended to sail with the strap up, so that you can easily pull the deck off if capsizing in the kayak.

Remember your phone (in a waterproof bag) in case an emergency occurs, and check the weather forecast before you leave (it can be cool on the water).

We reserve the right to terminate the lease if the wind speed is more than 5 m / s.

All safety procedures must be observed and it is your own responsibility to know the rules for sailing. 


The tenant is at all times responsible for himself (and minors) as well as the rented equipment. When renting, the tenant has accepted that they are willing to take this risk or provide proper insurance.

In the event of damage or loss, the tenant is liable for DKK 500 per part/equipment, and up to DKK 10,000 for a full kayak.

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